The road to 1000

Submit better proposals, run better projects, and get Better Profit margins

The road to 1000

How to make a million dollars in construction


Better kickoff meetings to get your entire team on board and contributing to project success right from the beginning.


From management plans to scope statements to schedules. Learn to manage better projects.


Setup controls and guardrails that keeps your projects and teams on tract and communicating.


Create systems that allows you to manage risk, data collection, schedules updates, billing and budget.


Close projects more efficiently while managing better profits and customer relationships.

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The Journey

We help owners build processes, set goals, implement growth throughout the company

Project Management

By helping you plan, run, and closeout great projects and maintain healthy profit margins

Financial Growth

By helping you understand your financials and what’s most important for funding and bonding

Buying Power

By putting you in the driver’s seat and helping you maintain control of your dreams

Construction Mastery

By helping you expand your teams skills in blueprint reading and site management

the senior project manager you can't afford to hire...yet.

In seven weeks, first-year contractors learn to master project management, improve cash flow, and increase their bonding capacity to move to the next level.

The Project essentials course

How small teams build growth and momentum

In a competitive market it essential to get the most out of every single project. But how do you do that? You start with project management and a flawless support system.

There’s only two keys to growth — business mastery and momentum, nothing else maters. The First Year Contractor is designed to help you first master every aspect of project management and your business, then show you how first year contractors can accelerate momentum in years two through three, and beyond. 

Designed for small teams, new consultants, and non-construction pros looking to break into the construction field. The First Year helps you tap into the billions changing hands every day and level up your contracting company so you can finally achieve the growth you’ve desired.  

In the program, you’ll work through two projects. First, a step by step walkthrough of 1.2 Million Dollar project from end to end. And then, a second smaller project that you’re the new project manager. No fluff, no theory, just practical real-world lessons, tips, and strategies to move you forward.

Heres how it works

In week one, we’ll get your company off to a running start. We focus on getting the base of your business setup and go through what actually makes a company grow.

  • To Where… By When… Defining the Journey Ahead
  • Pitfalls… Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes
  • Buying Power… Minority and Woman Contractors
  • Positioning… Getting Ready for The Boom
  • Mastery… Getting the Most out of First Year Contractor

In week two, we shift our focus to your financials to help you understand what banks and other financial institutions are really looking for to fund and bond your company.

  • Growth… It’s About Your Financials, Not Your Labor
  • WIP… The Ideal Starting Point
  • Operations… Your Actual Cost — Now, and the Near Future
  • Biding – P1… Creating Higher Profit Margins

In week three we kick off our first project with a step by step walkthrough. We’ll focus on Initiating Phase and what it takes to get a million dollar project off the ground and running.

  • Charters… What it Really Means to Small Contractors
  • Stakeholders… What it Really Means to Small Contractors
  • (WBS) Work Breakdown Structure… Introduction

In week four, and continuing our walkthrough, we’ll dive into the machine that makes excellent projects easier to run. We’ll show you how to create easy project plans and start putting our free project startup kit into action.

  • (WBS) P2- Work Breakdown Structure… Master Your Project
  • Project Plan… Developing a usable Roadmap for Everyone
  • Project Schedule… Creating Schedules That Work
  • Biding – P2… The Buyout Process 
  • Risk Management… Identifying Potential Problems

In week five we focus on the bread and butter of project management. We show how to reduce project overruns, manage risk to your schedule, and protect your profit margins.

  • Earned Value… How it Works, Why it’s Important
  • Scope… Validating, Monitoring, and Controlling
  • Measure Quality… Schedule vs Cost vs Resources
  • Risk Management… Managing The Effects of Risk
  • Closeout… Building Profitable Relationships  

Welp, look at you. You’ve been hired as our week six project manager. Take on our small project and use every tool we’ve given you up to this point to succeed. You’ll start developing your own process and approach while also honing your new skills. Here is the deliverable:

  • Evaluate Your Project and Define Major Deliverables
  • Define KPIs for Each Phase with Available Information
  • Develop a (WBS) for Your Project
  • Identify the Two Hidden Risks and Plan To Mitigate Them
  • Hold Your First Kickoff Meeting (Live)

Congrats, you’ve made it. Now what! After completing the course, that’s now an easy question to answer. If we were to put it into words, only one fits —  growth. Not just as a company but also for you and your employees.

  • Course Q&A
  • Next Steps
  • Deliver Your Kickoff Meeting (Live)
  • Continued Learning

About Me

I’m taking over 25 years of experience with multiple high seven-figure companies as a Consultant, General Contractor, and Owner in both federal and private contracting to help you navigate through the failures I’ve seen firsthand with small contractors.

A Few of my helpful super skills

Business Development

Project Management

Small Team Building

Construction estimating

Growth Planning

Proposal Writing

super helpful bonuses

BUSINESS PLAN – No contractor builds without blueprints. So why do so many try to grow without a plan? It used to be very complicated to build a Business Plan that actually helps you grow, until now. We’ve included a vetted, updated, and approved business plan as part of the program.


PROJECT BLUEPRINT KIT – No warrior goes into battle without the proper gear. In the First Year Contractor, Project Essentials  Course, you are not only geared up; but also, fully trained in using your new tools with accuracy. The goals are easy close-outs, stronger financials, and funding that helps you grow.


6 – MONTH SUPPORT – Our no worries policy. As a part of our full experience package, we continue working with you while starting or moving your business to the next level. You’ll get email support, monthly training live webinars, and 1 peer-to-peer support call per month. 

BUSINESS PLAN – You’ll get my fully vetted and complete business plan as part the program 

PROPOSAL TEMPLATE – The exact system I use for small contractors to win millions of dollars in project awards year after year.

PROJECT STARTER KIT – Great margins from startup to closeout and stronger financials that gets you funding and bonding so you can start growing.

Changing how small Contractors grow

We realized that success takes a strong team effort. It requires support from within the company as well as from outside the company.

so we created...

First Year Contractor

A program that does more than just  help small contractors get started. It accelerates growth, eliminates obstacles, and fits neatly into your budget. 

No longer will your daily workload stop you from growing. No mater where you’re at, even if you’re new to construction. We’ve made it simple and easy to make your first million.


The Journey

We help you create a growth plan and map out strategies, define processes, and set achievable goals with a top-down approach.

What You Get

  • 90 Minute Owners Strategy Session Monthly for 6-Months
  • Our Competitive Business Plan Designed to Help You Grow 

Project Management

We show you how to bid and run better projects that immediately translate into bigger profits that accelerate growth. Our checklist and templates make it easy.

What You Get

  • Our Custom Checklist to Better Project Management 
  • Our Project Start Kit
  • Our Guide to Getting the Most From Every Position

Financial Growth

We show you how to disconnect your labor from your growth and then how to manage your financials in a way that gets you funding, bonding and cash-flow

What You Get

  • A Consolidated Work In Progress (WIP)
  • A Full Review and Recommendations on How to Improve

Construction Mastery

We support your team by helping you build and develop skills for personal growth and construction mastery in blueprint reading, scheduling, and site management.

What You Get


Buying Power

We show you how to take advantage of certifications such as Service-Disabled Veterans, Woman-Owned, and Hubzone small businesses.  

What You Get

  • We help you understand what certifications you need to move forward
  • We help you make sense of the certification process and how to navigate it easier
  • We show you how to market your services and build a successful relationship for years to come
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